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The Homura x Goku Community's Journal
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Saturday, July 5th, 2008
1:38 am
Apologies in advance for the cross-posting.

I've spent some time writing an essay for Goku. My thoughts on the subject, and I welcome any and all polite discussion.

Essay: Arguing For Goku's Maturity and Intellect
Thursday, June 14th, 2007
1:07 pm
Selling time again! Saiyuki, Orphen, DNAngel, and other such anime/manga--some action figures and such included. Follow the link to my personal journal, por favor.
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
3:39 pm
Some Saiyuki CDs, doujinshi, and artbooks for sale, as well as other anime. All here.

Crossposted a lot.
Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
11:12 am
Saiyuki Roleplay
After MUCH MUCH MUCH work...I think its ready for people...I spent a good while working on it...all that is left is for people to have fun!
(If this isn't allowed I'll take it down)

Saiyuki Role Play community:


Everything is fixed up! Woot! Check it out! Parts are open!!
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
7:17 am
Doing some house-cleaning, in a sense, and I'm running low on money. SO. I have some Saiyuki, FMA, and Orphen doujinshi for sale here. Pricing and all that fun stuff there.

Crossposted a lot. :/
Friday, October 27th, 2006
12:25 pm
Saiyuki RP Community
For those Interested in Rping there is a new Saiyuki Rp community.
Anyone is welcomed to join! ^-^
And and all questions will be answered!

Info is on the site. All characters are open! ^-^
Yay! *grins*
Only catch is that its Yaoi based. All pairing are welcomed.

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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
12:22 am
Homura Chibi Picture
Hello, i was just wondering if anyone had a Chibi picture of Homura. I'm making a saiyuki hoodie and wanted to add Homura on the front pocket. ^-^
I would be very happy for someone's help. I don't think i ever seen a Homura Chibi picture.
Thank you.

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Current Mood: Got new manga! YAY!
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
12:30 pm
[mood| cold]
[music|Gravitation - The Rage Beat. ]

Hii Everyone,
I would like to tell you all about my new comm it's called gaiden_couple this is for Saiyuki fans of Both Saiyuki Gaiden and Saiyuki couples. Anyone is welcome to join. ^.^
Monday, June 27th, 2005
12:59 pm
"Such a Game" [fic] NC-17; Goku/Homura
(crossposted to heretic_love)

Title: Such a Game
Fandom: Saiyuki
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. No profit is being made of this.
Rating: 18+
Pairings: reversible Goku/Homura; implied Goku+Gojyo and Goku+Sanzo
Warnings: language, shounen ai/yaoi, explicit smut
Notes: "Written for" 30_kisses and the theme #18. (In quotation marks, because this was written for fun, but just so happened to fit the challenge.) In reality, written for my lovely Becky and her oral fixation.

( Such a Game )

Current Mood: restless
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